• In 2009 I made a massive decision to up and leave my hometown, and all my family and friends in the UK to go to the other side of the World and live in Australia. I knew a handful of people. I had no job. And I was staying on my friend’s couch. This is my blog a year on…
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End of year goals… or “old year resolutions”??

I know you hate to hear it but… it’s just less than 8 weeks until Christmas and there are just 8 full weeks left in the year!! WOW. 2014 it’s nearly time to say goodbye and 2015 we’re getting ready for you. But let’s not forget those 8 weeks of precious time still to be … Continue reading

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How Positive Energy Has Changed My Life

Title sounds a bit dramatic right? But just read on and see where I’m coming from… So, a few months back now, I handed my notice in at my old job which I’ve been in for nearly four and half years. It was quite a big deal for me and when I’d done it I … Continue reading

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Beggar’s Belief

I was in the city waiting for the bus the other day, it was peak time – just after 5.45pm on a Monday evening and everyone was trying to get home, so there was a long queue at my bus rank. Suddenly I was aware of someone loudly talking to the young woman next to … Continue reading

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bridal shop inside

Choosing the Dress – 8 “Dos” and “Don’ts”

Ohhh how I wish I could post a little picture of my dress on here. But, nope. I’m afraid you guys are going to have to wait 11 months for that one!! The good news (for me at least!) is that I’ve finally chosen one. A whole year after I started me wedding gown journey. … Continue reading

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Live with purpose

Living Life to the Full

Remember how just before Christmas I was saying we don’t do things by halves? I seem to have taken that mantra into the new year. I’ve been trying to write this blog for about 6 weeks! I have always been a person who is not very good at sitting still, not very good at having … Continue reading

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menutasting dessert-lemon

Wedding Taster Lunch

Amongst the hectic schedule that our lives have turned into, last weekend we found time to sit down and be pampered with a yummy 3-course dinner at our wedding reception venue. It was a taster lunch and as we were a pre-booked couple it was free  – doesn’t that make any lunch even tastier? A … Continue reading

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Running Again – For a Charity Close to My Heart

I indulged over Christmas there is no doubt. Lose your routine, undergo stress and temptation all around and that’s what happens. With the move before Christmas, a week in NZ over Christmas I was not watching what I ate like I would normally do and I was enjoying sweet treats and drinks galore. So my … Continue reading

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Protected: Polly and Karl’s Christmas letter 2013

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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We Don’t Like To Do Things by Halves

So, due to a couple of circumstances (that I won’t go into right now) we are moving… We are moving… nine days before we fly to New Zealand for Christmas. And exactly two weeks before Christmas. Why?! Why would we do that to ourselves?! And what’s maybe even more silly is the fact we’re planning … Continue reading

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RIP Nelson Mandela – Let us carry his message forever

The sad news was broken this morning (last night for much of the world) that Nelson Mandela had passed at the age of 95. He was born in 1918 and lived an extraordinary life, changing history and our world, dying peacefully in this year 2013. This is a short blog to commemorate his amazing life. … Continue reading

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