• In 2009 I made a massive decision to up and leave my hometown, and all my family and friends in the UK to go to the other side of the World and live in Australia. I knew a handful of people. I had no job. And I was staying on my friend’s couch. This is my blog.
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    A Brit in Australia. I love books, animals, living on the Beaches, fitness & writing. Am a Marketing Manager & love to work with animals in my spare time


Month 2 with a newborn

Although we’re still in the fourth trimester (the transition period for baby between womb and outside world where they are adapting to the new lifestyle), I felt braver, stronger (physically and mentally), and also started to see a few rewards instead of constantly feeling like a milk machine whose heart is completely lost to a small being that can only love you back in a most basic way.

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Heigh ho, heigh ho…

… it’s off to work I go.  I’m in the midst of writing the follow up months after the first month to the sixth month but I wanted to pen a quick blog. I feel like today is such a momentous day. I’m full of emotion. I’m sat on my usual bus to work. I … Continue reading

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Six months later… the story of the first month

The last 6 months have been a rollercoaster. Where do I even start? I think if I could sum it up I’d put it like this: Motherhood is THE Hardest. Job. In the world. The overwhelming change to your life starts to become noticeable in the smallest and sometimes hittiest of ways….

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Waiting, waiting,waiting

So I’m officially overdue and everyone is officially making regular check ins either to see if they’ve won the baby pool or to make sure they’ve not missed me giving birth. Every time I have to tell someone “yep still pregnant” I feel like I’ve failed somehow. Yesterday I was full of beans – positive … Continue reading

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Making it through the final stretch

I’m over the 2 or 3 outfits I’m limited to. I’m over feeling so frumpy I might as well wear a big brown sack. I am over not being able to reach my bikini line, legs or toes. And I’m over not even being able to go out for a walk to feel a bit less like a giant lump.
Ahhh, pregnancy… maybe it’s time for you to be done. One thing I know for sure. I HATE waiting. Whether it’s waiting for something you want, or something you are unsure of… it’s waiting… and I can’t stand it!

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Time, slow down… time, hurry up!

I’m 36 weeks tomorrow people! I’m nearly freakin’ full term. When the heck did that happen??

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This little girl in my tummy

This morning I was in the shower and I was listening to my music – John Mayer came on and I was singing away. I can’t really be sure why I was in such a good mood on a Monday morning but let’s put it down to Mondays now being pretty bearable thanks to Game … Continue reading

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Nothing fits! 

This morning (29 weeks) it occurred to me it is now way too chilly in the morning to wear shorts to boot camp. Cue me trying to fit into a pair of my gym leggings – yeah right. I got on my baggiest pair and congratulated myself because this pair used to fall down and … Continue reading

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IMG_1705 (1)

Hello third trimester!

I was thinking that because today is the 22nd I am 6 months pregnant today because I have precisely 3 more months til my due date. But of course, gestationally speaking I hit that mark a week or so ago.

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Common second trimester stuff

My mother recommended I take myself into a quiet part of the office, lie on the floor and put my feet up on the wall to get the circulation going. Yeah… my office is as big as large apartment and the other rooms all have glass walls. I’m not sure I fancy my workmates walking in on rotund self trying to roll into or out of this position. Let alone face the question ‘what exactly are you doing?’ [you crazy pregnant woman].

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