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  • In 2009 I made a massive decision to up and leave my hometown, and all my family and friends in the UK to go to the other side of the World and live in Australia. I knew a handful of people. I had no job. And I was staying on my friend’s couch. This is my blog.
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    A Brit in Australia. I love books, animals, living on the Beaches, fitness & writing. Am a Marketing Manager & love to work with animals in my spare time

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How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are)

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Erin Kelly Understand that life is not a straight line. Life is not a set timeline of milestones. It is okay if you don’t finish school, get married, find a job that supports you, have a family, make money, and live comfortably all by this age, or that age. It’s…

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Beau - A day in the life of

A day in the life of Beau the cat

5.15am So, this day did not begin well. My minions have not yet arisen from the giant sleeping area. Disgusted. How is a feline supposed to exist under such circumstances? The round pellets of flavour are supposed to be served by this hour. I could hear the short-haired minion’s waking call repeatedly going off. How … Continue reading

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Review: Chigozie Obioma’s ‘The Fishermen’

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book as I picked it for my book club choice as a 2nd or 3rd option when my first two were not available. Also, of course, this is the debut novel from Obioma. However I’ve not been disappointed. *Contains some spoilers* The surprising thing about the plot … Continue reading

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mum me

Dear mum, your teenage daughter is sorry

Dear mum… This is a public apology. We’ve often joked about how moody I was in Disneyland at 15. We’ve looked back and laughed at the big rows we had about my piano practice (or lack thereof) when I was a teenager and all I wanted to do was go to see my friends – … Continue reading

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Autumn Leaves

Embracing the winter chill!

The weather has definitely turned a lot colder in the last few days and as pro-Stark it has been a joy to say Winter is Coming (and now, Winter is Here) with or without the hashtag. I wrote the below as a writing exercise for myself. It’s a mish-mash of reality and one or two … Continue reading

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reading - Copy

6 months. 6 things that happened!

Well, I haven’t been around much these past 12 months have I? And even less so in the last six where I have managed one blog… and that’ll be six months ago in a couple of weeks! So, here’s what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been a bit preoccupied. I’m summarising in six  – one … Continue reading

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This is why I live in Sydney. This is why I love Sydney.

Yesterday started off as an absolutely beautiful day. We have just moved into our new home and after a weekend of chaos that can only come with moving home, I was almost joyful to be getting out of the “move-zone” and heading off to work at my office in hub of Sydney’s CBD. As I … Continue reading

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End of year goals… or “old year resolutions”??

I know you hate to hear it but… it’s just less than 8 weeks until Christmas and there are just 8 full weeks left in the year!! WOW. 2014 it’s nearly time to say goodbye and 2015 we’re getting ready for you. But let’s not forget those 8 weeks of precious time still to be … Continue reading

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How Positive Energy Has Changed My Life

Title sounds a bit dramatic right? But just read on and see where I’m coming from… So, a few months back now, I handed my notice in at my old job which I’ve been in for nearly four and half years. It was quite a big deal for me and when I’d done it I … Continue reading

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Beggar’s Belief

I was in the city waiting for the bus the other day, it was peak time – just after 5.45pm on a Monday evening and everyone was trying to get home, so there was a long queue at my bus rank. Suddenly I was aware of someone loudly talking to the young woman next to … Continue reading

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