Hunting for Woozles… otherwise known as ‘running around in ever-decreasing circles’

In the middle of last week I started this post whilst sat at the airport in a tiny, extortionately priced cafe, trying to get a little mobile wireless thingammy to work, but such was my hectic week of things going completely awry, I never got to finish…. so now in a week that seems so far to be going a whole lot more smoothly (akin to a lake in comparison to white water rapids) I’m finishing up my post…

In the last few days it seems a little like anything that could have gone wrong and could have broken just went and did it. I am, believe it or not, without internet since late Sunday evening when we had a big thunderstorm in Sydney. That’s three days… count them, THREE DAYS. I don’t do three days without internet. I have been at work for some of this time, and borrowing random dongles from people at my job, so I’ve got at least an intermittent connection at home. It’s not been the most smooth running process. On top of that I’ve spent an hour for the past two of my evenings on the phone to my internet provider, plugging and unplugging cables, configuring my modem (I don’t even know what that means) and waiting to see if one of the little lights on it stops flashing.

It doesn’t.

Apparently this isn’t good.

I even went out and bought a new modem, which was not happily done – my other one was just out of warranty and it seems to have been storm damaged too!

I’d love to say, ah well, this is the only problem, and everything else is good… but here’s what else has been happening for the last week:

  1. My phone got smashed – by a falling pack of beer. At least it was beer, it shows I was having something of a life with my friends at the time, however, it doesn’t really bode well for my phone… nor my camera which was also in the bag which got crushed. There were literally shards of glass dropping out of the screen of my beloved HTC! And if I’m honest it happened prior to this week but it’s this week that I’ve most needed to have a smartphone not some crappy old thing that resembles a brick and doesn’t know the meaning of the words ‘mobile ready internet’. [Update on this – I was eventually long-term loaned a replacement by a lovely friend.]
  2. My bracelet broke – it’s not as bad as it sounds… I got a new clasp for it and all’s well… but still, it’s going on the list.
  3. I don’t think it was much to ask for a nice hot drink before bed after a night that went like this – leave work late and go to the gym, followed by an hour (plus some) moving cables around for the second night in a row under my internet providers’ instructions on the phone, followed by cooking dinner, followed by trying to relax but getting a phonecall from Mr OC in Perth asking him to help him book a flight home for tomorrow morning (thus ensued a mild panic) and then getting a call from my mother in the UK, and giving her an update on all the craziness going on in our lives… I really just wanted to chill out at half 10 in the evening, have a nice malted, hot milk drink and fall into a deep slumber. But the universe had other plans. Upon opening my jar of Horlicks (which by the way, if it was still provided in a jar and not a plastic container would probably have prevented my unforeseen problem) I plunged my spoon into the powder and noticed that as I removed the spoon and was about to pour the contents into my cute heart mug, the substance was somewhat altered. There appeared to be a stringy, cobwebby-ness happening to my Horlicks. Oh god. I knew somewhere in my gut and the back of my mind that I knew what this was. Someone had mentioned weevils before, BUT never really described them to me, and I ALSO knew that I’d shooed out some moths from in the cupboard earlier in the week. But how long had they been in there?
    Courtesy of Chadiaza at

    Coming from the UK, I’m not accustomed to weevils, but it did occur to me that the little maggot/caterpillar-y looking things as had been described to be, could be spawned from moth-like creatures. And that this weird substance definitely looked like something a moth might make (mothballs anyone?). I opened up my laptop and referred to good old Google where my fears were confirmed and I also got some unpleasant reality checks on just how nasty these little critters can be – it’s not just some cute (read horrible, disgusting and yucky) little humpedy bumpedy caterpillar in your flour, almond meal, cereals, shredded coconut and malt drinks. Oh no, these little buggers can carry e-coli and all sorts. YUM! So, I spent the next hour ridding my cupboard of all opened items, creating a shopping list of replacements, splatting weevils (there were about three that I could actually find) and disinfecting my cupboard, whilst moving everything else into some kind of glass or metal container where possible. Why? Because the annoying little maggots can get through plastic! WTH? and indeed, ARGH! By the time I was done I think I got about four maybe five hours sleep that night.

  4. My sunnies broke – ok, they are not expensive but I liked these ones. And it was just another thing on the list. Tsk.
  5. Sydney has finally got round to showing us summer this last couple of weeks (just as it’s about to end) and last Monday we had a relatively humid day around 27/28 degrees celsius. And no air con until 3pm in our office. Add that 28 degree heat to a set of bodies, multiply it by a set of hot PCs, servers, laptops and other heat-making electrical devices and you’ve got a pretty sweaty workplace. I normally freeze by butt off in the air conditioning of any office – taking my cardi off to go outside in the normal air – but the air was thick that day, and the worst part, I couldn’t escape it to go home and work because my BLOODY INTERNET WAS BROKEN! I never felt so sticky – I was in the shower before I’d barely got a foot in the door that evening.

It’s just 5 things – five little things. But at the same time a lot was going on at home, or not at home, more between home and Western Australia… where Mr OC had gone to try to get work in the mines. To those outside of Australia, no we haven’t gone back to the 19th century… no, times are not hard and no, he wasn’t ‘heigh ho-ing’ on his way there. As I quickly learnt on arrival here mining is a HUGE industry in Australia. There is a lot of money to be made and great careers to be carved out of it, and because there is so much to mine there are lots of jobs – particularly as it can be unpopular with some because it requires long shifts away from home – e.g. 2 weeks on, 1 week off. So, Mr OC wanted a change of job and knew he’d be good at this kind of work so we ummed and ahhed and eventually decided to take the leap. The reason this is significant to my week last week is that Mr OC had gone away leaving me at home alone for the first time for any long period of time since we’d moved in. Not usually an issue with me – I lived on my own before and I really do enjoy my own company. However, it was very, very strange to not have him around and things felt very topsy turvy, add to that the fact that things were not going quite the way we had hoped for him over in WA and it was all getting just a little bit stressful.

I think it was just one of those weeks – even my weekend went completely awry – one night involving working late and trying to dash out the door to meet friends for Shakespeare and picnic on the beach, only to realise I was never going to make it across town in time to get there. Back into the apartment I trod, trailing my wheely cool bag/esky/chilly bin and my folding chair… and set out my picnic for one on the coffee table – with a gigantic glass of red. Then, on the Saturday evening we had two birthdays to attend – we never made it to the second for reasons I shan’t get into (partly as I have run out of energy even going into the ins and outs of this week and partly because it’s just not that interesting!) – but I never even got to drink a drop on Saturday night and still ended up with some weird headache on Sunday. I think the headache was tension relief from my entire week!

Things have been soooo much calmer this last week.  Thank goodness. Although I’ve got some big things at work going on… which I’d love to just sort of put back for a few weeks and disappear off to a tropical island for a while. But that wouldn’t be life now would it? Well… unless you’re completely loaded and not a slave to your job! Unfortunately I am neither loaded nor not a slave to my job.

Now, I best get back to weevil hunting… it’s kind of like hunting for woozles… and about as conclusive.


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