What are you grateful for?

A few days ago (or maybe even weeks) I read this blog from one of the inspiring blogs I follow.

A day or so later my trainer posted one of her inspirational things on Facebook and most days I’m a sucker for them! This one was about finding seven things to be grateful for.

Then just the other day my mum sent me an email with these pictures (and more) within:

The title of the email was ‘Love One Another’. The message was – be grateful for what you have, some have even less – and always be generous to others, never believe you are hard done by, because it doesn’t get you anywhere.

“If you never learn the language of gratitude, you will never be on speaking terms with happiness.”

I took the Gratitude challenge (see the blog I mentioned at the top) and in thirty seconds wrote down 10 things I’m grateful for – here they are, what are yours?



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