Today I’m Thankful For…

Lots of people do the ‘Today I’m thankful for’ in November to coincide with the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Whilst I’m not living, nor from the US nor celebrating Thanksgiving day, as such – I love the whole premise of giving thanks. And with this being my birthday month I figure I’ll follow suit. Here are my thanks givings for the first week of November, day by day.

1st November – The Great Outdoors

I’ve been doing boot camp twice a week now for seven weeks and I’ve completely quit the gym. Partly as I couldn’t afford both but partly because I’ve now shifted all my workouts to outdoors. Summer is on the way and the weather is mostly awesome – we did do one really wet work out and this morning was muggy even at 6.15am but it’s all worth it. Plus the location is awesome – I roll out of bed just before six, get dressed, clean teeth, splash face etc. Grab towel and drink bottle and walk five minutes down the road to the beach. I’ve found that although I hit a wall about 3pm for a half hour or so, I have heaps more energy starting my day like this. I get to see the sun come up, or just after it’s risen and I get to sweat through the burn whilst looking at an awesome view. PLUS I’m getting fitter! Working out outdoors is addictive. I’ve really been enjoying the time of year in Australia – I used to think you couldn’t beat a chilly spring  like in the UK but there have been rainbows of colours on the trees and on the ground in the beautiful spring blossoms and wild flowers. It makes me very happy. The pictures are mine from around where I live.

Dee Why Beach Sunrise
Dee Why Beach Spring Sunrise

2nd November – My hand blender

Yup, it’s a material thing but it’s quite a low key item that makes life so good. I have been sick of being tempted by really heavy lunches and I’m not that big into salad. So I decided to make myself some soup. So yesterday I chose two of my favourite veggies – pumpkin and broccoli and made two separate soups. It’s so easy with a blender  – because you can just saute the veg, then cook it in some stock, then blend like a mad woman! Sometimes, in the winter I prefer more casserole-type soups full of chunky veggies and meat. But for a light lunch soup, homemade soup, full of veggies can provide you with so much nutrition and energy! And all thanks to my little blender. I don’t know where I’d be without it, and my big blender, steamer, slow cooker, rice cooker, and food mixer. Gotta love the kitchen gadgets!

3rd November – Rest

We all know a good night’s sleep does wonders and whilst I’m not a mother with a baby keeping me awake at night and therefore am grateful for the sleep I get, I still find I sleep a lot lighter as I’ve got older. For the whole of this week (last week) Mr OC has been down in Melbourne with work. Well, I’ve missed him, but I tell you what I’ve love having the bed to myself! Friday he drove the truck for twelve hours and arrived home at about 1am Saturday morning. He then woke me up to say hello (that was sweet, genuinely) and it took me maybe fifteen minutes to get back to sleep. Meanwhile he had a shower. Then he came to bed. Then he got out of bed because he was still all wired from staying awake from driving and the can of energy drink he’d had (awful things). So off he went to the lounge, where (thank goodness) we have wireless headphones, so he could watch some TV and wind down. I must have dozed off after another fifteen minutes or so but for the next couple of hours I was intermittently half woken by the sound of beer bottles going into the recycling bin in the kitchen. Argh! Then at about half three Mr OC comes to bed and (several beers later) decides it’s cuddle time. Nah-ah! Winter is gone, it’s too warm for bed cuddles. Nice idea but…
Suffice to say it was the worst night’s sleep I had all week. But on the plus side it was nice to have him home.

4th November –Airplanes

So today (Saturday) we booked Mr OCs daughter’s Christmas trip here (from NZ) which is exciting! And also my lovely school friend landed in Sydney from Melbourne for a long weekend jaunt. It was an impromptu visit and on Sunday I got to spend an afternoon with her, which is great because in a couple of months she’ll be back in the UK again and I’ll miss having her just two states away. Either way though, where would we be without the invention of aeroplanes? I probably wouldn’t even be in Sydney in the first place which means I wouldn’t have met Mr OC. If you imagine the days when the only way to reach other lands was by boat it is mind-boggling in the world we live in. I moan about the 24 hours it takes to get back to most of my loved ones BUT I should be thankful that it ONLY takes that long.

5th November – Happiness for those I love

I see this in many ways recently – 2012 seems to have been a good year and that is a relief. In the past few days I received an email from one of my best friends back home. She has been my friend for nearly twenty years! (Wow that makes me feel old). This time a year ago she was having a rough time of things but her recent email, although not full of things working out exactly as hoped, was FULL of happiness and positivity. She has just blossomed in this last 12 months and it made me endlessly happy to witness that change. And, of course, I love to receive emails and messages from my friends back in England – each one makes me so glad.

6th November – Making new friends

And on the subject of friends, this week my bookclub and I are choosing an additional book on top of our monthly book for our Christmas challenge – the nominated books are all Christmas themed and we’re voting for one. In doing the emails to organise this I felt thankful for the friends I’m making through the book club. AND every time I’m at boot camp I have such fun with the friends I’m making there too. I see these girls more than I see my regular friends so of course, some of them are becoming mates too and it’s really great because we’re all sharing something we enjoy, and going on a journey together.

7th November – Mother nature

Today (yesterday) we were blessed with a short lived but really loud and dark thunderstorm. What could be better? I love a good storm (although not a super storm – i.e. Sandy and of course I am in no way thankful for the devastation that caused, of course) and I really enjoy the anticipation as it looms in and the skies turn black and then BOOM. Awesome. Where I live, if you’re blessed with a view (we’re blocked by trees – no bad thing) then even better, because looking out to storms at sea is spectacular! The power of mother nature fascinates and astounds me pretty much every day. Whilst I don’t enjoy the pain she sometimes brings, I am thankful that there is a thing more powerful than any man or machine. I think it keeps things in balance.

8th November – Obama

Well yesterday we watched as the Democratic leadership of Barack Obama gained Presidency for a second term. And what a relief. I’m thankful, along with a fair portion of the rest of the world. Well done Democrat voters.

To be continued…

And here’s a little pic of some of the many wildlife I see on local walks


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