Today I’m Thankful For – Part 2

I’m a bit behind – but I wanted to get this out for Thanksgiving! So for Australia it was yesterday but for the USA you guys are still celebrating so that’s good!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This was for Friday 9th – Thankful for the local area! I realized I was really looking forward to the weekend because not only did we have an impromptu weekend away planned but also one of my friends was moving back to my suburb after living away for a few months! I really do love where we live. We’re 4 minutes walk to the beach and along the beachfront we have a beautiful picnicking area and then across the road a parade of gorgeous restaurants and cafes which are great for brekkie all year round. There is just such a ‘local’ feel and the water is just such a beautiful site over a casual meal. We hang with our friends on the grass through the summer – great for the dogs and the kids – we watch the fireworks from there at New Year’s and we only have to walk a few metres home. And it is a great place to work out too! Brilliant. Definitely thankful for my suburb.

On Saturday 10th we went up to the Central Coast – on the way up there our car decided to bug out in its auto transmissions. NOT good. A) it had picked us going on an hour long drive that included steep hills, plus B) it ain’t cheap to fix. Fortunately the problem seems to be fixed now but man I was grateful for Mr OC – he pulled over lifted the bonnet and did lots of manly tinkering type things. When we eventually got to our friends house he also decided to oil her bathroom door (because it was squeaking). He’s known as Mr Fixer amongst our mates because virtually every time he goes round someone’s place he finds something that needs a little fix-up job and just does. Can’t complain – I think it’s pretty darn awesome because if I get in a minor flap about the inefficient shelving system in our laundry as I did a few weeks ago, he just goes off and finds a way to resolve it. And this is even though we’re limited to what we can/can’t do in the apartment because we’re renting. Love my Mr Fix-It.

On Sunday 11th I was thankful for our troops who go and defend our freedom. We will remember them, lest we forget. I was also grateful for our short trip away and the beautiful sunshine we were blessed with as we meandered around the food and wine stalls of the Brisbane Water Oyster Festival. Was perfect.

Weekend away view

On Monday 12th I finished up our recent Book Club book – Life Of Pi (which co-incidentally is now a movie, just coming out). It’s the first book in a few months I’ve absolutely loved – and I will be buying my own copy (I had a library copy). It won the Man Booker Prize back in 2002 but I don’t know if that necessarily means (for me) it’s going to be an amazing read. This time, however, it was. Read it. I am thankful for getting that occasional book that really resonates and that you want to lend to all your friends.

On Tuesday 13th I was thankful for those who educate us – they essentially help us overcome our inhibitions and face the fear by giving us the tools to do a job better. I am currently doing a “Toastmasters” Public Speaking course and it has really been great fun and I’m learning to ‘slow down’ when I give speeches as well how to organise my thoughts and deliver a better end-result. It’s still super scary giving speeches but slightly less so now.

On Wednesday 14th I was grateful for ‘goals’. Not the kind you score in a soccer game. But the kind we are encouraged to set ourselves. What is better than having an aim and a focus in life? If we’re just bumbling along with no sense of direction then we never feel as though we achieve anything and we certainly never get to challenge ourselves! Tomorrow (Thursday 15th) is my fitness test at the end of my first session of booty camp (eight weeks). As it happens I feel good and ready for it. More on that in my next post.

Thursday 15th – For the last couple of early morning boot camps it’s been overcast – and when it is, I really miss the sunrises. Sunrises are just awesome to partake in and I’m totally thankful for them, everyday. It’s the start of a new day, the sign of a new opportunity. It means the sun is back and we get another chance to have a go at life! Plus they’re usually pretty stunning. I’ve been taking a photo every time and I look forward to it each morning I am up and out for sunrise which is usually two or three times a week. One day I might even become one of those people who is up for it every day. You never know.


This Friday 16th I was really thankful for silliness. Last weekend we left a drink bottle at our friend’s place and it became the subject of a bit of silly banter via Facebook and photos – wherein the bottle got help to ransom. It doesn’t sound funny – I guess you’d need to see the photos… so here it is (below). Any better. And that same day Mr OC and I started a random challenge in the bedroom. Not what you’re thinking – we have a bed with a high foot and had a random urge to kind of leap-swing over it (kind of gymnastic stylee). By the way. I’m not remotely gymnastic. Thus ensued some silliness of us trying to see who could do the best swing over the bed post! I am not sure who won. But it was random, fun and it was silly. Got to love moments like that. There are plenty of them in our home – we just don’t grow up!

Silliness with drink bottles!


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