Thankful – a Finale!

 So I fell a bit behind on my daily thanks so I’m going to summarise some other things I was really thankful for in the last few weeks of November,

The last week or so summer has really kicked in and we’ve been having some very hot and sticky weather. Today (Tuesday 4th Dec) was simply beautiful – the humidity has gone and it’s just warm, and the sea is like glass with a nice breeze coming in from the west. It’s times like these I have to be really grateful I do not have to commute into the city. Firstly because I get to work right in the midst of the beautiful Manly but also, I only have 7km to travel to work! Because of this I can do crazy things like a run and a swim and still stop to have a natter with a friend I bumped into while down at the beach. I’m thankful for my suburban workplace! Heaven. Very lucky.

morning sun december dee why
Morning sun December 4th

I’m thankful for my strength and my belief in myself. Sometimes I forget to have it but I was raised to believe I could do anything and that above all I can survive what I didn’t think I could. I am by no means as strong as some people I know but then, I guess your strength is relative to the things you have to face in life. Anyway, in a lesser way I’ve been grateful for my strength to fight the fear of public speaking. I don’t really know why I’m scared of public speaking – after all I can stand on a stage and sing or act out a part in a play. I was brought up giving piano recitals since I was knee high to a grasshopper. But I find giving presentations really flummoxing – I think because I doubt my own knowledge and perceptions. If I’m happy with my content… if I’m CONTENT with it [ha!] then I am away… gone. Won’t see me for dust in a “can’t shut her up” kind of way. But if I panic and feel unsure of my own intelligence on a matter then I’ve failed before I’ve even begun. But these last few weeks I undertook a Toastmasters course and I have to say it has made a difference – in just a few weeks I feel like I can at least organise myself to imagine that I am capable to give a presentation. What’s more, I think I may have even improved over the course too. So, I’m thankful for being able to fight the fear. Now if only there were a “Scared of Open Water” course.

We’re hitting the end of November which can only mean one thing… I’m finally allowed to listen to Christmas cheesy songs. Now, I love all kinds of music [as anyone who reads this blog will have heard me state before]. But I am one of ‘those’ people that BLOODY loves Chrissy music. Bring on the Wham!, Mariah Carey, oodles of the Rat Pack, and Sleigh Ride a go-go. I can’t get enough. And it doesn’t stop there – having been brought up in a church choir I can’t go a Christmas (or December) without a heap of carols and advent music to get me through. It drives Mr OC scatty to the point I am not allowed to turn on any Christmas music until December 1st. If I can get away with it when he’s not around prior to that… and I normally cannot help myself prior to then (normally cave after my birthday)… then I will. I’m thankful for my festive tunes! Oh yes I am.

With the temptations of mince pies, wine a plenty and party food upon us it’s quite hard to be really good about diet all the time in the festive season. For me, I eat healthy a lot of the time but I still throw in sugary food I don’t need like a slice of cake or a peanut butter sandwich (I’m not a fast food junkie – it’s just the homemade goodies and bread with bad stuff which tempts me). So this year while I’m doing my usual loosely strict healthy eating, I’m making sure I’m continuing with my booty camp twice a week with runs, walks and home workouts thrown in. I’m also embarking on this ‘50 a day’ (squats one day, abs the next, push-ups the next) throughout December. It’s actually working out [ha! There I go again] good. During November I finished up my first set of booty camp and was really pleased to beat my PBs in my fitness test. Working out has become a source of silly behaviour, as a few of my other friends are also training hard. And on my birthday we ended up doing push-up races (I’m pretty weak in my arms so… yeah) and then a plank challenge! I nearly won the plank – I got 3 mins 40 – my longest (and most drunk) plank [NB please do not try this at home]! Too funny. I was all serious and wouldn’t let Mr OC talk to me even when he was trying to encourage me – bless him! Anyway, I’m thankful I feel good about myself due to being fit and healthy.

planking on birthday 2012
This is me planking (left) on my bday

I had a spectacular birthday made special by those near and also those far – I was very thankful for my family and friends who, as usual went to the lengths to send me cards, presents and share my day in whatever way was possible. I opened some pressies while on Skype to my mum in the morning which was really fun and lovely. I was also so thankful to Mr OC not only for my lovely presents but also for remembering to get me a cake (passionfruit – yum!) and for getting me a card that meant something. It’s surprise enough when a man remembers he has to buy a card, let alone when he actually buys a cute card that has some reference to ‘us’ specifically. Brownie points for that. On the morning after my birthday I got to Skype with my girls who were (mostly all) together. It was awesome, truly. We just nattered on about nothing for an hour  or so (I actually have no idea – time was lost on me) – often talking over one another and being generally silly. It felt like I was actually in the same room just gas-bagging over a vino. <sigh>

I am me singlet


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