Outdoor Training Requires Etiquette Too – Reblog of Gym Etiquette

These days I’m training outdoors and loving it and at first I thought outdoor training groups and in outdoor working out in general did not fall victim to as many etiquette fails but… alas I’m wrong. I revisited my earlier blog and reblogged it here with some new notes about training etiquette, a lá yours truly. Firstly there is the persistency of this ‘perfume’ cover-up. It’s horrendous when we have to smell the passing bin (waste disposal/garbage/trash) men or passing smokers during booty camp, but nearly as bad are those girls who come along coated in a layer of their fave eau du toilette. Whilst I am grateful not to smell any stinky B.O. it would be lovely if they’d just use deodorant like the rest of us. And less nauseating at 6am. There is a time and a place for perfume and it’s not when you’re having trouble breathing as it is. Then there’s the girl who THINKS she wants to do boot camp but actually just wants to buy a quick route to the perfect body without putting in the effort. You know the type – while the rest of us are slugging away at our 10 laps around the surf club (after we’ve just done 20 push ups, 999 burpees and a million squats) at whatever pace we can manage, it is hard to befriend the cheater who constantly does as few laps as she can get away with. It’s that one where you either lap her and then she finishes on the same lap as you (hmmm, funny that, I thought we were doing five laps not four) OR you notice that she cuts part of the route off to land up behind someone else she can hide behind and pretend she’s also done and dusted. Well, I guess she’s only cheating herself at the end of the day. But it’s frustrating when the rest of us are dying (literally) to make it – whatever fitness level we might be at. It’s like that person, whoever they are, is not playing as part of the team and that sucks. However, whilst I love being part of a group and feeling as though we’re all in the same boat, with roughly the same goals, and trying to smash it together, there are certain rules I think should be obeyed when it comes to training group “social” time. I find that I don’t need to have a conversation about what we’re doing when we’re doing it. I’m FINE with drink break chats, I LOVE the friends I’ve made and the little chats we have both at training and on the way home or outside of hours! What I don’t like is a LOUD running commentary about what we’re doing, or a pantomime style reaction to each and every additional set that our trainer adds onto the section: e.g. Trainer “Once you’ve done your three laps, you’re going to add on one minute of mountain climbers” Loudmouth “OH GODDDDDDDDDD!” A few minutes later, Trainer “Once you’ve finished that set its five laps around the oval.” Loudmouth “OOOOOOH [groaning] my LEGS, my MUSCLES, every part of me ACHES”. And this goes on… for the entire session. I wouldn’t mind the odd one, but sometimes for my zen [ha!] I need to focus and it’s just distracting. And annoying. We’re all feeling the pain and misery at that point but we’re trying to focus positive energy? Right? Well, if not, we’re at least trying to focus (through the sweat that is making our vision blurry). Maybe I’m being mean… but… it is what it is… For more on this subject read my previous post “The Five Rules of Gym Etiquette!”


It’s not much to ask.

But why is it, every time I go to the gym I find myself shaking my head due to one of these gym crimes being committed…

  1. The girl who comes to Pilates, stands there by her mat talking to her gymclass-pal, and uses the loudest (and might I say, most irritatingly nasal) voice to tell said friend  the entire class about whatever it is that’s going on with her today. Normally this ranges from how she told the man in her life where to go (did he need telling?) or how she cannot decide whether to cut her fringe or not.
    One. Step. Away… from walking right up to her and just flicking her in the ear (repayment for the damage she’s doing to mine).
  2. Body Odour… or B.O.
    There’s this thing called a shower. And there’s this other thing called DEE-OHH-DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-ANT. Yes deodorant/anti-perspirant. Does…

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