Looking back and looking forward

So I’m pretty behind on my blogging. I guess the reasons for this are threefold: firstly it was Christmas and Mr OC and I had two weeks off while his daughter visited from NZ. Secondly, it’s summer!! Which means getting outdoors and making the best of it! And finally once holidays were over I was back a work and we are launching a new version of our website and having a whole load of new messaging happening… If you work in marketing you know this equals BUSY!!I did have time to make New Years’ Resolutions though and I want to look back last year’s and see how I did. So a bit of reflection, and then some looking forward.

Last year’s resolutions – how’d I do?

  • Buy a beach chair – I actually already fulfilled this NYR when I wrote my last my blog. Although just after new year THIS year I then fulfilled my fearful vision and broke said chair with my butt + Mr OC’s butt… So I had to go get another one and now I have a nice stripey chair!
  • I hugely failed on my second NYR which was to visit my second cousin here in Australia who is the only bloodline I actually have here! I have some vague reasons why this didn’t happen but none of them seem like good excuses so this will go on my list again this year. Fail!
  • I also failed on the next one too. Whoops. It was to go on hols somewhere outside of a family visit. Yeah, that just never happened. We had some weekends away but that doesn’t really count. We are hoping to this year but there are some other things that may alter that… More on that later.
  • Go to the UK – win!! This happened and it was fabulous, real quality time with my fam and bezzies. What was also interesting was how I loved coming back home to here – Aussie, as HOME.
  • Write more blogs – well I totally smashed this – of the 32 blog posts I published 26 last year! Yippee. Now to beat that this year – I best get marching!
  • So, I also wanted to join a book club – however I didn’t do this… I went one step better and started my own! We meet every month and have a nice number of 10 of us which is perfect for borrowing the collections from our local library – if it weren’t for book club I wouldn’t have read Life of Pi which LOVED and The Other Hand (also known as Little Bee) also a great book.  I also wouldn’t have read the truly awful (in my opinion) Indelible Ink or the “not-his-best-book” by Ian McEwan in Solar.
  • I think we may have covered off my next resolution, which was to read more books – I probably read more books (even outside of book club) last year than I’ve read since I was studying! And I’m truly loving it. Some of my review are on this site if you want some reading inspiration.
  • I said I wanted to find a new hobby. I suggested I might take up candle-making or flower-arranging – both nice ideas. But in the end it was really fitness that became my new hobby towards the back end of the year when I started doing outdoor group training. Still going strong and still loving it. For Christmas my entire theme of presents was fitness  – not by my choosing but I’m not complaining!
  • Again, this resolution and the next are closely linked – I said I shifted 4 kilos at the end of last year and wanted to keep that weight off. Well the first half of the year involved putting some of that back on (not all) but then I went back down again in winter… then up again… then I started the booty camp and BAM! Lost it all, lost some more and am another three kilos down on what I was last year having reached my ideal weight. Because I am enjoying fitness and training combined with healthy eating (no diets and no rigidity) so much I am hoping I might tone up more, put on more muscle and if that also means I lose another kilo or two then that’s OK. Mostly the goal is to remain feeling as good as I have been – to keep fit, to get fitter and stronger and to remain as happy as I have truly felt whilst doing this training – even with a three week break over Christmas.
  • So yes, in that sense the resolution to do lots of walking has been fine – I run lots more now and have been so surprised at the fact that I can actually run pretty well. Goal achieved.
  • And getting outdoors as a resolution was something I resolved very well – lunchtimes less so as work is busy and I’d rather get done and get out of the office, period. Getting outdoors first thing in the morning for booty camp has been something I never thought I’d do but now feel great doing and quite smug about. Love to see the sunrise, love to know I’ve got outdoors before I have to go and virtually lock myself in an office for 8 or so hours of daylight.
  • You know what – I remembered sunscreen (resolution no. 12) really well up until this weekend just passed when for some reason I just didn’t. Yup – burnt. Not big, not clever. Note to self.
  • Re the overcoming my fear of water – well whilst it isn’t going away I did have an excellent time splashing around in the waves this summer break with my step-daughter and nieces. I’m getting there.

    Lorikeets feeding with Mr OC
    Lorikeets feeding with Mr OC
  • Sadly – the prospect of fulfilling NYR no.14 to get a dog was as hopeless as I predicted – but we do seem to have turned our balcony into some kind of menagerie (see above) so at least I’m getting SOME animal time!
  • Sit up straight was my final resolution – whilst I still do not have the best posture I’ve found that not only does back ache not happen so much now I’m exercising more, but also that my posture, as a result is much improved.

So what about this year…

  1. Hopefully lose another 1-2 kilos but most importantly not gain any.
  2. Tone lower abs – this is my area that has never really been toned – definitely where all my weight goes.
  3. Improve upper body strength – I would love to do the Tough Mudder but I think this year might be too soon. My upper body is WEAK but already so much stronger so that’s good.
  4. Keep fit, healthy and stay in shape – as mentioned above.
  5. Exercise four times a week – two days booty camp, one run, one walk or bike ride. Also we’ve just set up a bit of a gym in our garage – so far just a weight training bench and some weights, plus my medicine ball, yoga mat, jump rope, resistance bands. But it’s a good start. Want to get gloves for training plus boxing gloves and pads!
  6. Start a compost – I have the upstairs bin but I need somewhere to store it outside to rot down. A trip to Bunnings is on the cards!
  7. Grow two kinds of veggies – self sufficiency is a good thing for you and the environment – it’ll have to be something I can grow in a pot but… I figure it’s do-able.
  8. Eat at the table NOT in front of the TV – at least twice a week. We are terrible when we’re on our own for just eating in front of the TV – it is not a habit I’m at all proud of. When Mr OC’s daughter was staying with us we ate at the table for all meals and even outside at our slightly tiny outdoor setting. It made me happy!
  9. Go to the UK – this time with Mr OC – we should be booking our flights in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait!
  10. Go to the dentist – I don’t want to even confess how long it’s been since I last went but I have already got a head start on this – I went last week and it KILLED because it had been so long.  I have always had good teeth and I gave myself a real beating up (whilst the dentist did too) for my own good. I have to have my first filling too. Sad face. At least I made it past 30 before that happened although if I’d been a good girl and gone more regularly to the dentist it could have been longer! Oh well. Lesson learnt.
  11. I really want a new tattoo… I have some ideas… stay posted.

    My first and currently only tattoo – now nearly 3 years old!
  12. See more of family in Australia – as well as getting round to visiting my second cousin that will also include seeing more of our nieces here – Mr OC’s bro and family.
  13. Start planning… for…
    Yes, I got a proposal back on the 7th January! How exciting! And that is one of the reasons I probably still can’t have that holiday outside visiting family. More on that soon. But in the meantime – yay!

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