Absence Makes The First Blog Back Harder!!

So I have hardly blogged at all since the start of this year and my number one excuse is ‘life happens’! Back in April we did a huge trip to NZ to Mr OC’s family followed by a huge drive up to Auckland, a relaxing night in a hotel, and then a 30+hour trip (and three planes) to England to visit my family. It was a fabulous trip including a few blissful days deep in North Devon countryside with my dad, and a second engagement party – brilliantly organised by my mum – plus bridal dress shopping, bridesmaid dress fittings, and generally showing Mr OC around the South of England. Since returning we’ve been busy with, new car buying, catching up with friends, another addition to our home – a little kitten, and we had a ‘dry’ month to detox from holidays. I have been back into training and have signed up for some ‘events’ in the coming months… which is something I’m going to be blogging about – in the vain hope it makes me commit to some writing time (outside of my job!) a little more often.

So, if you want to know a bit more about how I’m training for a massive event that will help raise $40,000 for Uganda ‘The Hunger Project’ then stay tuned… another blog to follow in the next day. In the meantime, please enjoy some photos of how we’ve been spending our time for the last few months. Hope everyone is enjoying their winter and snuggling up warm, or their summer and getting some warmth and sunshine, depending on which side of the world you’re on!

Building and DIYing over with the Family in Wellington
Commemorating a sadly missed man – a year after he passed. STUNNING headstone.
Didn’t see Frodo though… but did get caught in huge storm in a*se end of nowhere
Clouds and sky
Above the clouds… love this sight
North Devon Sunrise
Early morning in beautiful North Devon – dream world.
North Devon Country Lanes
North Devon country lanes in spring time
Country lanes
Winding country lanes
Misty fields
Misty springtime fields in North Devon
Early morning country walks
Watersmeet in North Devon
Get the Kiwi on the Barbie
London Eye
On a Thames Rivercruise – London Eye
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge – ahhh I know I’m home…
The Shard
The new Shard building in London
Tower of London
I love the Tower of London
My favourite London sight – Big Ben I ❤ you!
Thames from the London Eye
Looking down the Thames from the London Eye
The obligatory Guard shot – at Windsor Castle
Being a guard at Windsor Castle!
Speeches from special people at the party!!
Dee Why Beach
Back home at the beach – winter mornings
Lorikeets – so cute – nestling from the rain on our windowledge
Afternoon tea
An amazing afternoon tea at ours with family back in Australia
Riding the car
New car, new baby!
Make a piece for my friend’s new baby’s quilt!
Winter sunrise
Winter sunrise at home on the beach

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