Three Weeks to Go!

This time last week I was feeling sick and overwhelmed. I was fighting off a bug – it started off with sharp pains in my abs, then a tummy ache, and ended with just feeling knackered, nauseous and dizzy. This is the weird thing these days – instead of just getting ill I have these random symptoms that never turn into anything but leave me feeling absolutely exhausted, and shakey if I try to exercise through them! Last week was a perfect example.

Add to that I was managing a campaign for an under-subscribed event at work and feeling the stress from that. All that was compounded by knowing I had a ridiculous weekend coming up. Here’s a bit about that:
On Friday night I was baking cakes and I was so tired I nearly fell asleep upright – leaning on a cupboard door as I was getting the vanilla essence out! I also forgot to add the eggs into my banana cake, but it actually came out so yummy. Bizarre!

Saturday morning – got up at 7am (a lie-in), fed the animals (cat and lorikeet), showered, filled the car with a heap of stuff and headed over to a nearby supermarket where I had arranged a ‘Sausage Sizzle’ for the local community as a South Sydney 2 South Coast Walk for Hunger fundraiser. Cooking the BBQ I had the awesome support of Mr OC and one of the other Mr OCs – his brother, plus my cousin (the one going to Uganda with The Hunger Project) and my beautiful friend Felicity – who all came down to lend a hand, and I could not have done it without any one of them.

On top of that, so many of my fabulous friends from training, work and various walks of life, came by to say “hey”, to buy a snag and maybe have a slice of cake or to buy a raffle ticket. My (egged up) Victoria Sponge, though not widely recognised (“It’s sponge with jam and cream in the middle” became a common phrase of the day) was a huge hit, especially with one lady who came back for a second helping having originally said to her daughter that she didn’t think she would enjoy it. Ha! It was always my speciality in the UK. And let’s face it, they’re not hard to make!

Friends came by to show amazing support
Friends came by to show amazing support

Anyway, the amount that my walking buddy and I have raised so far has exceeded our target and we’re now heading for double that. What we have in cash should see us there. Thank goodness for sausages and chocolates… oh, and sponge cake!

Not the best pic of my cuz - but a good one of the cake!
Not the best pic of my cuz – but a good one of the cake!

Interestingly is that we’ve already raised enough for a community in need to drill a borehole to provide safe drinking water and therefore preventing these people walking tens of kilometres every day to retrieve water. Or the equivalent of twenty ‘micro finance’ loans that give women and men the ability to be self-sufficient in earning their income. Or for two communities to buy food-processing equipment. That makes me very happy. It makes me happy because this is the WHOLE point. Yes, I want to achieve something in my life – I want to say I did a 100km walk. But it helps when you know you’re making a difference in the world – and in a really tangible way.

Then on Sunday morning have rushed to get the housework done on Saturday evening, whilst also carb loading, hydrating and prepping my food, I walked the entire Royal National Park which is a 30km section of the walk. I met some of the group and although my legs were tired during, my recovery was good. So good, in fact, I was up for a boxing class on Monday morning at 5.30am and again for boot camp on Tuesday. Tuesday we did a lot of beach sprints and I was glad I was taking the following day off training!

This morning I was back into it and I beat my PB for my plank! Yay! This weekend we have a wedding so no big training walks for me, meaning next week will be the last big walk before… The BIG WALK! WOW!

Another couple of blogs coming soon with details of a juice detox day I’m doing tomorrow (so many carbs as been so hungry with all the training and I feel a bit bloated for fitting into a dress for the wedding we’re going to tomorrow). Plus pics from the Royal National Park.

You shouldn’t feel at all obliged, but if you want to sponsor us – you can easily make your donation here: To those of you who have donated – honestly, I am so very appreciative that you have passed on some of your hard-earned dollar – you rock.


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