How to Walk 100km… by the experts

So, there are only a certain number of ways you can really prep for doing 100km it seems. One of them is obvious – get walking, and getting walking for good long distances so your body is used to the endurance. Some other tips I’ve read are

  • Get used to a bit of sleep deprivation (obviously not in the weeks immediately prior to the walk though!) – but try to have a couple of nights where you forced yourself to stay awake. I have to confess I love my sleep and I’ve not dared to do this. But I can totally understand the logic.
  • Make sure you get your shoes in plenty of time to try them out and know they’re the ones. It’s like all ‘event’ lead up advice – you don’t wear or try something new on the day.
  • Same applies for food, supplements, and anything you put in your mouth basically – try it out first, or stick to foods you know work for you. This last training walk I trialed electrolyte replacement stuff having heard it was good of hydration. It was good. I also trialed eating wraps with chicken which I know some are avoiding as they find bread too heavy and sickly. But for me it worked well.
  • Keep working on your recovery in your everyday normal exercise routine AND after your walk training sessions. In other words – stretch, get a massage, have a bath with epsom salts, drink magnesium, roll out. Whatever it is make sure you’re nursing your body, giving it the attention it needs to help you stay well, an injury free.

On top of this I also took some time to interview three guys who are basically the experts on this 100km walk stuff.  Why? Because they’ve done it! Some of them more than once. These blogs are written by me, and posted on the Sth Syd 2 Sth Coast website.

It’s all about the ‘Whinge Cards’! Read John’s interview – he walked the 2007 Oxfam 100km

What it’s like when the going get’s tough and you have a rough time.

Make sure you train train train! And then train some more!  Expert advice from a two time 100km-er!


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