It’s Nearly Time! We’ll be heading to the start line TOMORROW!

readytowalkWell, tonight is the last night of full sleep. After work, my teammate (a friend from work), and our two pit crew (Mr OC and another friend from work) are getting together for dinner to check we have all our ducks in a row.

My kit bag is packed, my overnight bag for when we get to the other end (Wollongong) is mostly packed. We’ve booked in Mr OC’s bro to feed the animals in our absence.

All that’s left to do is do a food shop for what we need, plus the all important beers for the finish line and then load the car up.

Then… sleep!

The weather is looking relatively cool (considering it’s 28 the high today and 31 tomorrow – and last week it reached mid 30s)!

And we’ve smashed our donation target – this is just for online donations. I have to go to the bank with the hundreds we’ve raised offline too! It makes it all worthwhile.


Stay tuned… if I have enough opportunities to charge my phone battery at pit stops I am going to try to blog along the way.

100km here I come!


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