100km Walk for Hunger Diary Entry 1: Final Prep Day

So, the day is here. Tonight we head over to the start line to begin the challenge of a lifetime at 12.01am and walk 100km to help end world hunger.


Felt good and well rested when I woke up this morning. I went to bed tired after a day’s work, an osteo appointment that worked some magic, and then a meeting over pub dinner with my team!

This morning I got up and reached for my magic potion – Clorophyll. If you don’t take this stuff or know the benefits – get into it. It’s a great body cleanser. I personally choose Swisse and I currently have the spearmint flavour but I like the Berry flavoured one too. Some people don’t. You can put it in your drinking water, or you can drink a tablespoon straight. I do the latter. But you should always have it before you eat anything else first thing in the morning.


Then I had a really good stretch. Ever since I had trouble with my hips I have a) sworn by seeing a good Osteopath and b) made sure I am stretching heaps even on the days I’m not training. This morning I did some Sun Salutations, a bit of work with my foam roller and this great sequence of hip stretches.

hipstretchCurrently at my desk getting some work done, but soon I’ll be heading home for sleep. Think of us, give us shout outs along the way and if you want to donate… please do. Thank you!!


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