RIP Nelson Mandela – Let us carry his message forever

The sad news was broken this morning (last night for much of the world) that Nelson Mandela had passed at the age of 95. He was born in 1918 and lived an extraordinary life, changing history and our world, dying peacefully in this year 2013.

This is a short blog to commemorate his amazing life. He stood for so much of what I feel so, SO strongly about. He was a man. A man who wanted to bring freedom to a suffering people, and wanted to do it without violence. But violence itself changed that. When he was trialed for a possible death sentence and then sentenced, instead to life in prison.  While he was in prison they prevented his image being shown or name being mentioned, and locked down his communication – he was allowed one letter a year and one visit a year also.

I can still remember the day he was set free. I can remember the way it shook the world. I didn’t know who this man was. But I was quickly to learn.

I decided to write this blog this morning and am aware a few have done the same now, but I want to still glorify this man and celebrate his life. He had to leave this world eventually, he could only be on loan to us for so long, and just thank god that he was able to make his mark and influence us all over so many years. How lucky we are that this man walked the earth and spread his message… let us carry it forward to our children and our children’s children forevermore.

This is something that has always struck a chord in me – do as you would be done by and all that. So important.
Not spelt perfectly but the message should still resonate. Don’t imprison yourself with your own bitterness, anger or hatred.
THIS is so poignant to me having walked the 100km walk for hunger just a month or so ago. WE must change the word and end world hunger.
This I love because it is the speech he gave when he was being sentenced to death. It sums up his fight so eloquently.
And finally, for everything Mandela stood for and everything WE should stand for. Love.

RIP Nelson Mandela – forever in our hearts and minds, now in a better place but having left this world in a better state, thanks to his great vision and strength.


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