We Don’t Like To Do Things by Halves

So, due to a couple of circumstances (that I won’t go into right now) we are moving…

We are moving… nine days before we fly to New Zealand for Christmas. And exactly two weeks before Christmas.

Why?! Why would we do that to ourselves?! And what’s maybe even more silly is the fact we’re planning to move again next year – currently we are not home owners here in Australia and we’re now able to change that. But we need to sell my place in the UK first. So the next 18 months looks something like this:

Prepare to move


…Whilst preparing for Christmas… and dealing with our real estate having open-for-inspections every five minutes (this requires a clean flat and animals out of the way which means I am being more Monica than usual and also cart the cat around like he’s an accessory)


Move home


Do Christmas


Do New Year


Wedding planning kicks in – save the dates (which I said I’d do 4 months ago), dress shopping (found a place in Sydney that stocks the dress I tried in the UK!), and trying to find the money for paying for things.


Put UK flat on the market

Try to sell flat in currently not awesome UK property market

Hopefully sell up

Find somewhere to buy here

Do all the logistics that come with buying a home… oh joy

Move home… and hope for gifts like this:


Do Christmas


Do New Year


3 months until the Wedding


Family arrive in swarms


Walk down the aisle.


Yeah… and that is not even mentioning Mr OC’s studies he’s taking on in the new year!

OH GOD! All I can see is $$$$ and zzzzzzzzzzz – the latter being us just being knackered. My brain is going to turn to mush.

On another note I am SUPER excited about our new flat. And I cannot wait to be in it. But right now, my excitement has been overwhelmed with finding carpet cleaners who can remove a huge candle wax issue I may or may not have created last Christmas and have tried in vain to remove myself, plus I’m trying to reduce relocation costs and packing. ALL while trying to write Christmas cards, find presents, keep in budget, wrap presents (easier said than done with a 9 month old kitten in the house!), go to the post office and post overseas without having a heart attack over the price of postage AND living my normal life/doing my job.


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