Wedding Taster Lunch

Amongst the hectic schedule that our lives have turned into, last weekend we found time to sit down and be pampered with a yummy 3-course dinner at our wedding reception venue. It was a taster lunch and as we were a pre-booked couple it was free  – doesn’t that make any lunch even tastier?

menu tasting

A picture of the menu is a bit fuzzy but here was our review:


Baked half shell scallops with garlic & Pernod butter

*** They were nice. It’s just not either of our kind of starter – we would choose oysters/mussels over scallops. 

Spinach & ricotta raviolini, cherry tomato sauce, confit garlic & buffalo mozzarella

****I liked this. We both thought the cherry tomatoes (which can be so blah sometimes) were divine and the raviolini was yummy. Doesn’t need mozzarella.


Crispy skinned ocean trout, avocado, kipfler potato, celery heart, caviar & chive salad.

** Tasted strongly of celery (not a good thing – it’s too overpowering). Neither of us liked that the potatoes were served salad style = cold. Neither of us ate the skin – I tried a bite but I’ve got a deep seated ickiness about fish skin that I’ve never grown out of.


Prosciutto & sage wrapped chicken breast, white polenta, broccolini, port wine jus.

**** This was nice – nothing that blew us away, but we both enjoyed it and generally, if you serve broccolini I’m a happy girl.
menutasting mains-chicken
Frangelico creme brulee with Italian biscotti
****1/2 If you serve creme brulee to me you are putting yourself at risk. I LOVE creme brulee and you don’t see it a lot in Australia. This one was a little on the cool side – I like them freshly done and still warm. But it was good and we both enjoyed it a lot!
Lemon meringue tartlet with strawberries & candied lemon zest.
****What’s not to like, right? Wrong. For the last four years I have been deprived of lemon desserts because Karl really isn’t keen on them. He did try this one. But I finished it… no problem for me as it was yummy, Although, I like meringue to be a mixture of hard and soft – this one was just soft. Either way it makes no difference because there’ll be no lemon desserts on our wedding menu. *sob*
menutasting dessert-lemon
So that was good and we got to taste the wines too – absolutely loving the Semillon Sauvignon Blanc that comes with our package. However, the red was not that great  – not terrible but this is our wedding, right? So a nice red without breaking the budget is OK I reckon. I am in charge of wine selection as Karl doesn’t drink a lot of wine so I’m thinking we’ll mix and match the packages and include the Cabernet Shiraz from the next package up. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was now though! And here was I thinking if I penned all this down today I’d not forget anything!
Ours will be an alternate serve and we’re going to go for the most popular choices for mains – or so we think steak and chicken. It might seem boring but we like them and the food is incredibly good where we are having our reception. It seems better to go for ones which will definitely get eaten!
If you’re planning what menu are you choosing for your big day? And if you’re already wed – what did you choose?

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