End of year goals… or “old year resolutions”??

I know you hate to hear it but…

it’s just less than 8 weeks until Christmas and there are just 8 full weeks left in the year!! WOW. 2014 it’s nearly time to say goodbye and 2015 we’re getting ready for you.

But let’s not forget those 8 weeks of precious time still to be had!

Earlier this week my lovely trainer at Zanna Cox Fitness asked us all what our goals for the next 8 weeks are as we began our last 8 week round of boot camps and training before the end of the year and Christmas.

So I started having a think and trying to work things out, especially considering I’m having my first dress fitting in just over a month. What are my health and fitness goals for the end of 2014, what do I want to achieve for healthy body, healthy mind?

First up are the obvious ones:

  • No snacking on choc, chocolate biscuits etc in the evening. I’ll allow myself one night per week treat.
  • More weights training – this one will be hard because since we moved our weights are mostly all packed away. But I am going to commit to lifting something, anything, at least once a week.
  • Be as ready as possible for Tough Mudder  – 15 November and I’ve not really got long to do much but I need to bear it in mind.
  • I now have less time to get ready in the morning and haven’t been having my lemon and warm water – I need to make time to do that at least 3 days per week
  • Got a juicer for Christmas. Used it for a month. Got fed up of cleaning it. It’s sat in the corner ever since. I need to break it out and get back into juicing. Starting this weekend. Minimum of 4 fresh juices a week.
  • NO drinking in the week bar special occasions. That’s Monday to Thursday. No excuses. So, Melbourne Cup and a Christmas event or two excused. Oh and my birthday. I didn’t for a year or eighteen months and then recently I have been slipping up more often. Weight sneaks up on you, bad habits form.
  • I haven’t weighed myself in ages. But I am going to measure my waist this weekend (1st November tomorrow). By 14th December I need to have reduced my waist by an inch. I may edit this number (no less, just more).
  • No going mad on Christmas spends – keep my mind on the goals in hand – wedding and apartment. We’ve already spoken to family about cancelling Christmas presents for all but the kids. Healthy bank account required. Only piles the stress on and I want a healthy mindset.
  • But on that note – random acts of kindess and generosity are what it’s all about.
  • Reduce sauce on meats, reduce carbs on the weekend – been very slack.
  • Train minimum 4 times a week – 3 times with ZC Fitness and 1 time a weights and running session from home.

I think that covers everything. No excuses. They’re all pretty realistic and attainable goals.

Let’s finish the year as we mean to start the next one! Let’s finish the year healthy. Let’s meet 2015 with a hop, skip and a jump. What do you reckon? What are your goals and when are you setting them for? I want to hear!


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