Embracing the winter chill!

The weather has definitely turned a lot colder in the last few days and as pro-Stark it has been a joy to say Winter is Coming (and now, Winter is Here) with or without the hashtag. I wrote the below as a writing exercise for myself. It’s a mish-mash of reality and one or two inaccuracies  – mostly being that we haven’t been to Narrabeen market in forever.


In spite of the low temperatures, some of us are yet inclined to brave the chill and get our winter on.  Whether you prefer to be by the roaring ocean, or crunching your way through the fallen leaves – there are some lovely things to see and do in the great outdoors through the winter month – even if you live on the cost of South East Australia where it doesn’t get like PROPER winter.

When we lived in Narrabeen we loved nothing more than strolling along the lakeside to the monthly Narrabeen Market on the third Sunday of the month. And even now we no longer live close-by we’ll still head over there. We’ve visited in hail, shine, hurricane-like storms (where many gazebos were laid to rest!) and in the cold, damp too. It’s always worth it even if we only go for the home-made dumplings with delicious chilli sauce. Whilst the weather can affect the number of stalls and the range of produce, it’s a nice couple of hours at beautiful Narrabeen Lake either way – even if you just go to feed the ducks! We found stalls of usual market fare – candles, Balinese style fashion clothing, head gear, homewares, cupcakes, Dutch pancakes, Gozlemes, second hand books and so on. But there were also jams/preserves, woodwork, second-hand books, second-hand clothing and much more – a very interesting range.

Once we’d had a wander around the markets we needed a little warming up so we headed to Dee Why Beach for a coffee to warm our hands and to take turn along the promenade to the pool, up the hill and towards the headland. When the weather has been a bit wilder it’s a great place to safely watch the waves crashing and foaming at the rocks. The seagulls don’t much care that it’s not peak season – they’re still there looking to see if anyone is going to drop a tasty morsel. The wind was up, and they were surfing and gliding the pockets of air as we watched. There is a cute place called the Boatshed which is right on the water’s edge (watch out for high tide if you don’t want to get the odd sploosh of a wave rolling in against the sea wall!) where we bought our coffee. This little location is also a super spot for watching the sun rise (for the early risers!) of a morning!

It’s time to embrace the chilly days of winter. Even if you don’t have access to a cosy log fire and even if nowhere near you sells mulled wine (or maybe you just hate the stuff… but why I ask myself??!) you can still warm the very cockles of your heart. Wrap yourself up in a scarf and hat, and let those cheeks get a little rosy!


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