Hello third trimester!

I was thinking that because today is the 22nd I am 6 months pregnant today because I have precisely 3 more months til my due date. But of course, gestationally speaking I hit that mark a week or so ago.


I’ve known that I am pregnant for 23 weeks today.

I have precisely 3 months until my due date.

I am 27 weeks pregnant today.

It’s officially 5 months plus since I had a drop of alcohol… or any camembert… or sushi. Sigh.

(I still love you red wine.)

Today, I hit my final trimester – 2 down, 1 to go.

IMG_1705 (1)
A couple of weeks back when I would have been around 6 months, on our wedding anniversary.

Today I had my best ever training session since becoming pregnant and it felt good! I am a bit tired physically, but my mind is in a really great place, and I feel stronger from the inside out. This is why I train.

I am very motivated to try and keep up what I can, as long as I can, without risk to myself or the baby, because I know it’s better for my mind and my body – both now, in labour, and afterwards.

And it sure beats walking around feeling like a heffalump with early onset athritis.

I also enjoyed an awesome boogie around my bathroom this week. Thanks to Buddy Holly.


Third trimester – I’m coming for you. We got this Jellybean.



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