Nothing fits! 

This morning (29 weeks) it occurred to me it is now way too chilly in the morning to wear shorts to boot camp. Cue me trying to fit into a pair of my gym leggings – yeah right. I got on my baggiest pair and congratulated myself because this pair used to fall down and so I barely wore them pre-pregnancy. At least I had found a use for them….


Halfway through my walk at the beach I couldn’t work out if I needed to pee really badly or if it was just the pressure on my bladder from these damn tights. It didn’t help that Jellybean seems to be lying low today  – lower back and lower abs were taking all the strain. Yikes. 

I thought I had actually been quite prepared in buying some maternity gear without going overboard. I have bought a few low cost dresses for work and all of them will work post-pregnancy too. I also picked up two pairs of Jeanswest maternity jeans at a factory outlet for a brilliant price (less than $50 for both pairs). But I’m now wondering what the heck I’m going to wear coat-wise and even some of my most stretchy casual wear leggings are beginning to get uncomfortable. 

It doesn’t help that random clothes seem to go missing in our place. I am down a pair of track pants and a muscle tee which frankly are this pregnant girl’s best friend right now. So, that sucks a little. Where do these clothes go?! 

I have also been missing two dresses and a playsuit since last year but that’s another mystery that remains unsolved. 

Maybe they’re where all the odd socks go?


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