Waiting, waiting,waiting

So I’m officially overdue and everyone is officially making regular check ins either to see if they’ve won the baby pool or to make sure they’ve not missed me giving birth. Every time I have to tell someone “yep still pregnant” I feel like I’ve failed somehow.

Yesterday I was full of beans – positive energy was just bursting out of me. I just felt like nothing could stop me. I had the best time just having a good old boogie around the house to some of the cheesiest music I could find. Also went on the daily walk, followed by a round of acupuncture. But by nightfall I was still very pregnant. This morning I woke up just feeling despondent. 

And so all day it’s just been me on the verge of tears for no real reason. I’ve been out and about for the morning but spent the afternoon firmly planted in our recliner chair being waited on by mum and Mr OC. Oh and I had a good cry about not knowing what I wanted for dinner. 

I’m only 2 days overdue but it feels like eons. I’ve tried lots of baby inducing stuff. Tomorrow I’m off to buy some pineapple. And as I said to one of my best friends just before – just gotta keep on trucking! It seems silly that it’s getting me down, but I know it’s a common thing to feel, so I’m just going to do me some wallowing even though all the mums out there are screaming at me to enjoy it while it lasts. 

So, that’s how things stand. And here are some pics summing it up. 


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