Month 4 – getting a proper personality

It was in this month I remember starting to get so excited about her little personality

I can still look back and see this month as an up and down period – for example we still contended with trying to work out how to get places without her screaming the car down but as the weather started warming up for summer, this little miss started noticing her feet and showing wonderful little developments.

The waking up cooing and chatting (after mostly sleeping through) was becoming frequent and the smiling was too.

The main thing I remember about this month was that we were now officially old enough to start swimming and of all the things I’ve done with my baby girl – this is the thing I’m most glad we tried and stuck with. She loved it and seemed to take to it naturally straight away – enjoying floating on her back and looking around her taking it all in. We still swim every week in her Jump! swim class and it is the highlight of my week, watching how she loves it and gets so much out of it.

We also started to try and take her in other pools – but the best thing about the Jump! pools is that they keep them very warm for the kids – especially the bubs.

Other things of note were she slowly started being able to hold some soft and easy to manage toys – soft rattles and things. She also grew very attached to her musical mobile above her bassinet – it turned into a brilliant fall back when she was upset. You could simply put her underneath it, turn it on and she would instantly stop crying and start cooing and moving her arms and legs in appreciation.

I remember trying to increase her tummy time in this month – but she never really liked it much. I still put her on her tummy and she did get more used to it, but you had to time it with a good mood (hers not mine!) and something interesting to look at like the cat or a favourite toy. A lot of other babies we knew we were doing better in tummy time from what I remember and these are the babies that seem to be mobile before her. But, having said that, one of the girls from my mums group couldn’t put her bub into tummy time as she had hip issues and had to wear braces for a time – this baby girl ended up loving being stood up (supported of course) when all the other bubs were rolling around on the floor. So, it’s certainly very true that every bub is different – and I’d have to remind myself of that and learn not to stress over small differences.

At this age she had this cute little habit of putting her hands up and stroking whatever she found above her head  – so usually if she was being held by her daddy then she would stroke his beard, and if she was sat in her bouncy seat she would stroke the sheepskin we’d put on it. Sometimes there would be a muslin on the back of it and she would reach far enough to pull it down and you’d turn around and see her holding this giant piece of muslin, which she would invariably start sucking on. This often was a comfort thing for her too and we started to give her a muslin to cuddle to sleep. In fact, even now (at 8 months) she still has a muslin (or muzzy as we call it) in her bag for daycare, which they give her for her naps… with her comforter bunny. Well, I’m guessing they still do. They probably don’t need to give her the muzzy anymore. Things move on very quickly with these bubs!

Which… actually, is definitely the theme of the next month or two!


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