We all fall down…

Before Little Miss OC came along, Mr OC and I rarely got sick. At one time, Mr OC was a workaholic and I thought it was all going to catch up with him, but he kept powering through. And I used to have a record at work for having the least sick days, bar my boss.

Oh how times change.

When I first started back at work and Miss OC went to daycare I think I was sick everyday for about three weeks. It started off with the worst bout of gastro I’ve ever had (which involved vomiting into a bag on the bus home from work) and a pregnant lady (who should have been running a mile) collecting tissues from everyone for me to use and giving me her sick bag. Mr OC had to pick me up somewhere along my bus route as I was literally covered in my own sick. Since then, sick bags have never been left out of my handbag.

From there I got cold after cold… after cold – and so did Little Miss. It kind of sucked. I don’t like feeling unhealthy and I think I resented that another thing I was proud of from my old life had disappeared – my excellent health. I was still walking Miss OC to daycare every day and eating well. But it wasn’t a health regime like before, and with sleep deprivation (she was teething at the time, and also night feed weaning) to boot, I was struggling.

A work colleague recommended I take Floradix everyday for iron boost and, I have to say, it helped at the time to get me out of the cycle. I try to take vitamin c and zinc whenever I feel a cold coming and, usually I can keep it at bay.

And I’m now back at training which definitely helps boost my immunity. For me, strong body, strong immune system – they definitely go hand in hand.

But this past week we’ve literally all been struck down… one by one, dropping like flies. It’s been such a crappy week in some ways. When I came home from work on Friday, bubby was getting a cold. Snot everywhere. So I put the vaporiser on in her room and we battled through the weekend with broken sleep as she couldn’t breathe well, and developed a cough. By Monday I was feeling exhausted and decided to stay home and bub stayed with me. By Tuesday I went back to work and hubby stayed home with her – a trip to the doctors told us she had mild bronchitis and thanks to a Ventolin and a baby adaptor contraption thingammy (see pic) she has progressively got better.

Ventolin with small child adaptor

And then of course, I started feeling like rubbish too – glands swelling and nose like a leaky tap.

I had lots of hot lemon and honey, and early nights, and took solace in the fact that I was not alone (everyone seemed to miss book club on Tuesday for the same reason) and that at least I could recover at night as Little Miss was now sleeping through again.

Then this morning I woke up to the dulcet tones of a clogged up husband. As I type he is driving home from work early (it’s lunchtime) and I think he’s about ready to hit the hay.

I feel like I’ve fallen behind on work as I’ve been in the office just one day so far this week. Yesterday I struggled through trying to work from home – the same day bub decided that she was not keen to sleep and wanted to start throwing tantrums. It was just one of those days.

Today is my usual day off and I am seriously considering using nap time (bubby’s not mine) for some catch up. Having said that my house is filthy and there is a massive pile of clean laundry with my name on it… but I so can’t be bothered.


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